Animated Political Cartoons that Satirize Law School and the Legal Profession

I hope that you enjoy this collection of satirical cartoons about the law school scam and the practicalities of working in the legal profession. If you have just made a new cartoon or if I have missed some, please send me an email: frankunderemployedprofessional AT NO SPAM gmail dot com.

New!  Why Colleges Are Opening New Law Schools and joining the scam

New!  The Future of Law School -- Doo Lee's House of Jurisdoctorates

Don't Go to Law School -- Find Out Why

The Versatility of a Law Degree by Esq. Never

A Law School Christmas Carol by Esq. Never

TTT Grad's First Day at Big Law by TTT Graduate

TTT Grad on Talk Radio--follow up to his first day at the law firm by TTT Graduate

Super-Toileteer Stuck in Big Law Dungeon by TTT Graduate

Law School Career Counseling by Boston Law JD

So You Want to Go to Law School? by David Kazzie

Licensed Attorney Will Work for Food by ADP19

How to Land a Job After Law School by yttrey3

Law School Post-Graduation Informational Interview and Wake Up Call by yttrey3

The Law School Bubble by unperson

Law School Rant by dasweck

Legal Employment for a Recent Grad by ItsMrTheGamerGuy2010

The Noble Profession of Law by ItsMrTheGamerGuy2010

So you want to go to law school - job hunt fail by kings21686

Eager Law Student by jurystillout1

Why Did You Go to Law School? by ryang3315

TTT Woman and Mr. Gloom by ThirdTierReality

Super Hero TTT by LustyLarrysToilet2

Sua Comes Up on the Short End by SuaSponte2

Sua Goes to Court by SuaSponte2

Sua Runs Into a Classmate from Law School by SuaSponte2

Sua Seppuku by SuaSponte2

I'm in the process of reviewing and revising this list. I stopped here.

Four Funny Prints from The Jobless Lawyer

Salaries & Jobs for Law School Grads

Callie and Frank Dux Meet Up -- JD Underground posters?  Think anything like this has ever really happened?

Brooklyn Housing Court

Another Day in Bronx Housing Court

Beware, Bogus, Inflated Law School Salary/Job Stats Given Out by the Law Schools

Skadden Farts pt. 1

Law School ASW


TLS Part 544


Law Firm Interview

Law in the Future 



Seton Hall Administration

Lawyer Lawyer -- Be a Lawyer Kit comes with free admission to Super Toilet Law School for the low low price of $100,000.

B-School Guy vs. Law School Guy -- this seems like it's supposed to be an ad for a business school.  I don't understand why a school would advertise to the world that its students have large amounts of time to party and don't need to take studying seriously, and I'm sure that the situation for MBAs, who are also a dime-a-dozen, isn't all that much better than for JDs, but I found it amusing.

Salaries and Jobs for Law School Grads: Do the Law Schools Lie?


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